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As a mission agency, GBM belongs to local Grace Baptist churches. The churches elect our Council at our AGM, and it is local churches that send missionaries. So it is very important to us to be connecting with church leaders across the regions of the UK. Engage forums are the most important way we do that.

We hold at least two forums each year, and invite all the leaders in that region to join us for the day. Hosted by one of our supporting churches, typically the programme  includes PowerPoint presentations, round table discussions in small groups, and a panel discussion.

In 2013 we discussed how we grow churches that last, and how we avoid corrupting churches in the developing world with too much money. In 2014 some of the issue we discussed were, where the next generation of missionaries will come from? How we can prepare them for service? How we can connect with a rising generation of young adults? In 2015 we focused on engaging with Asians here in the UK. This caused a lot of discussion both at the London and Dewsbury events, and we hope will spur churches on to reach out to the Asian communities in their area.

For 2016 we have decided to rest our Engage Forums for a year and to put our energies behind Grace Baptist Network’s “Growing Smaller Churches” Forums. You can find out more about these here.

Growing Smaller Churches


Nigel Hoad

Recordings from the “Growing Smaller Churches” event.


Barry King

Recordings from the “Growing Smaller Churches” event.


Jim Sayers

Recordings from the “Growing Smaller Churches” event.