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Envision Teams

An Envision Team is a great place to grow in Christ as a group of you serve together. On a team you will gain experience of gospel work in another culture, in evangelism, in youth and children’s work, as well as in some practical projects that make a difference in a local community. Experiencing life in the developing world can be a humbling time, seeing how other people live and understanding the challenges they face.

Each Envision Team has experienced leaders, who will lead a daily discipleship programme for the team as well as organising their daily schedule. The team needs to work together as a unit in testing circumstances, so it is vital that you are adaptable, team-minded, and up for a challenge.

“Walking round the temple…the whole dark atmosphere of the place really struck me. It was so strange to think that, of all the gods present in that place, the only God being ignored was the one true God.” - JAMES GRIMWOOD


We ran three teams this summer. These went to Poland and Wick in Scotland, while the third team was based at GBM Mission Centre, working with our partners in OneHundredFold.

To read the full story of what these teams achieved in their time together, see our news feature items Go West, Go North! and An Audio Boot-camp.

We’re currently making plans for Envision Teams in 2019, these will be announced at our Annual Mission Day on 29 October and we will post details here soon after.

If you are interested in serving in one of these teams then fill in the contact form here

You can read reports from our previous teams here