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GBM Week of Prayer 2019

Churches are growing and multiplying in the Global South, such that it is becoming the centre of world Christianity. GBM missionaries are involved in helping to train leaders and make disciples in many different situations. Join us in our week of prayer as we pray for mission particularly in Africa and Latin America.

The videos below can all be downloaded from Vimeo for use in your church or home group.  Often we have had to keep our videos offline for security reasons, but that is not a concern this year because of gospel freedom in the Global South.  

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Sunday 9 June - Colombia

Pray for Theo and Sonja Donner and the work of the Biblical Seminary in Medellin.

Monday 10 June - Peru

Pray for the work of Anthony and Roxy Green, and Ronny and Rocio Tipismana, planting churches and making disciples across the city of Arequipa.

Tuesday 11 June - Peru

Pray for the discipling ministry of Sarah Clay in the city of Huaraz in the Andes Mountains.

Wednesday 12 June - Peru

Pray for Daniel and Ellie Caballero, based in Ireland but continuing to be involved in translating theological books into Spanish and training in Peru.

Thursday 13 June - Zambia

Pray for Chris and Helen Hawthorne in Zambia, working as new missionaries with Proclamation Institute Zambia in Kitwe.

Friday 14 June - Kenya

Pray for Graham and Sally Jones, supporting and training local pastors in Western Kenya.

Saturday 15 June - GBM Radio

Pray for the radio ministry of Andrew and Marea Cook, whose Serving Today programme is aired across Southern and East Africa.

Sunday 16 June - OneHundredFold

Pray for Keith and Sarah Charlton and the OneHundredFold team as they make media resources available to pastors and others across the Global South.