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Annual Mission Day 2015

On the eve of the First World War, the foreign Secretary Edward Grey stood looking out of his window in the foreign office, watching the gas lights being lit. He was heard to say ‘The lamps are going out all over Europe. We will not see them lit again in our lifetimes.’ The century that followed was marked by tyranny, the carnage of two world wars, and a deep spiritual decline across Europe. Today, Europe is the most spiritually needy continent in the world. Who will bring gospel light to the towns and cities of Europe?

Come to GBM’s Annual Mission Day and meet missionaries from across Europe who are seeking to plant new churches as ‘a light in every city’ across Europe. It is only as gospel churches are planted and grow by God’s grace that the culture of Europe can be changed by the power of the gospel. In many European countries evangelical Christians number much less than 1% of the population, particularly in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. People are being saved, and steady progress is being made, but the work is often lonely, and many more workers are needed.  

Be challenged by the vision and faithfulness of those serving in Europe, and see how you can play a part in this vital work. Be encouraged as a great crowd of Christians worship God together. Finish the day with ministry from Andy Paterson, Mission Director of FIEC.

Full details of the programme can be found here.

Details of each of the sessions can be downloaded here.