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GBM’s Annual Mission Day 2016 happened at Friends House in Euston, London on the 29th of October. Over 600 people came to listen to the missionaries and enjoy fellowship together. During the day people had the opportunity to catch up on the work of Jason and Andie Murfitt; Aries Liboro; James Hammond and many others. Rooms were crowded with those who came to listen, with much to be encouraged about. Many missionaries spoke about the encouragement and comfort it was to know about those in the UK faithfully praying for them and for their work.

The main afternoon presentation was held at 3pm, it’s theme was “Here am I - send me” and focussed on the role of the local church in sending out their best into mission.

In the final session of the day we introduced Keith Charlton, who is a new missionary working with OneHundredFold to get good gospel audio and text out across the world using Mobile technology. We also heard from Ian Flanders as he talked about his new book. Titled “The gospel in African soil”, Ian speaks in his book about African Tribal religion and also the close ties that it has with what we call the “Prosperity Gospel”. Ian’s book is available for purchase from Mission Centre for £2.

James Hammond also gave an interview about the effects on French culture that the recent terror attacks in the country have caused. He spoke about way that the French are trying to grasp what exactly it means to be French and also decide if it is possible to peacefully live alongside Muslims. For a fuller account of what James said, please look forward to the December edition of the Herald.

Finally, Luke Jenner from Halifax preached a very moving address from 2 Timothy 2:8 about what it truly means to say “Here am I - send me”. You can download a recording of Luke from the website.

Next Year’s Annual Mission Day will take place at Friends House, on Saturday 28th October 2017 and our main preacher will be Matt Gamston.