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As well as our monthly Prayer Waves audio and video bulletin, which is sent to supporting churches and is crucial in explaining our work to our prayer supporters, we also produce occasional longer interviews with missionaries and documentaries about different countries where they work. These are our Across the Nations downloads, and you can download them from our audio resources page here.

Our latest download is an interview with Daniel caballero about his work in the shanty towns of Lima, and covers a wide range of issues as he explains in his enthusiastic style the challenges of working among the poorly educated, and the very different situations in the high Andes and in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

Our aim with these downloads is to get people thinking about the deeper issues involved in cross-cultural mission. What are the challenges of training for ministry in Latin America? How can African pastors be helped to grow, for the good of their churches and the long-term survival of biblical Christianity in Africa? How has Communism affected life in the states of Eastern Europe? What are we to make of Pope Francis, and how should we evangelise Catholic countries in Europe?

Each download is about half an hour long, so ideal to load onto your iPod or phone to listen to on a car journey, or while sun-lounging on holiday, or perhaps doing the ironing at home.

Across the Nations is a place to think about mission, to equip Christians to better reach the nations with the gospel of God’s grace.