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Fighting a different kind of poverty

There are many good organisations working to relieve appalling human suffering all around the globe.

But few groups are focused on fighting the poverty of Christian books in the developing world, to equip leaders in local churches, and to aid Christian discipleship.  

Dramatic growth but few resources

We rejoice that over the past hundred years the Lord has been building his church across the world. You may be surprised to know that 7 out of every 10 new believers now live in Africa, Asia, or Latin America!

But this growth in Christians has outstripped the number of churches worldwide led by trained pastors.

Most of the 5000 pastors that we at GBM Lit are in contact with will have few, if any, books to work with. Many will just own a Bible and hymn book.

Inevitably, from a human perspective, this dramatically impacts their effectiveness in teaching and preaching.

The story so far

GBM operates a literature ministry designed to supply pastors in these countries with good resources. With many pastors in the two-thirds world having only completed primary level education, we’ve been working to simplify some of the great Christian classics to make them accessible to this new readership. We’ve also created preaching workbooks, and encouraged translation into many different languages.

Managed by Kester Putman, GBM Lit arranges for these books to be sent across the world; the pastors who receive them are delighted to get such great tools to enhance their ministry in preaching and making disciples.

Financing a vital work

How Can You Help?

  1. Pray for Kester as he oversees this ministry, for all the practical aspects of GBM Lit, and for the pastors who receive the materials.
  2. Tell us if you’re going on a missions trip overseas – and you can take some of our teaching materials to the people you visit!
  3. Please consider sponsorship of GBM Lit –for example:
  1. Could you become a regular supporter of our #Books4Pastors Fund? For example could you give on a regular basis, every month or every quarter or annually, as part of your world mission giving? Could our #Books4Pastors Fund become one of the projects that your church supports regularly through your world mission giving?

If you wish to give to our #Books4Pastors Fund, please let us know by completing the form below.

85% of the 2.2 million evangelical churches worldwide are led by pastors without any adequate resources

If sending a cheque please make payable to “GBM CIO”

If setting up a standing order or making an online transfer our account is with HSBC, Abingdon

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