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Joseph is a pastor in Uganda. He pastors a village church that started just a few years ago. He hasn’t been blessed with a high level of education, and English is his second language. But he preaches God’s Word, and the church he pastors is starting to grow. The problem for Joseph is that he has almost no books to help him in his preaching. We might expect a pastor to have a library of books to use as tools in preparing his sermons, but Joseph has maybe only half a dozen, plus his Bible and hymnbook.

GBM’s literature ministry has been serving men like Joseph for a number of years, sending them books by post that are well suited to their needs. Some of these are simplified versions of the great Christian classics, books by Luther, Calvin or Owen that have been put into simple English so that pastors like XXX can benefit from the truth that they teach. We’ve also created Preachers’ Study Papers, which are preaching workbooks designed to help pastors handle Scripture better in their preaching preparation. For many pastors these are a lifeline, and we have encouraged groups who want to translate these into other languages.

Managed by Kester Putman, GBM Lit arranges for these books to be sent across the world. The pastors who receive them are delighted to get such great tools to enhance their ministry in preaching and making disciples. These are some of the things they say.

At our Annual Mission Day in 2015, we launched a new initiative, called #Books4Pastors, and we are encouraged by the initial response. This project is aimed at financing the cost of GBM Lit’s books and their distribution. Up to now this has been completely funded from the GBM General Fund, but we are keen to build a support base so that this ministry is fully funded. Over a year we spend about £14,000 on stocking and distributing books to about 5000 pastors in more than fifty countries around the world, and we would love to do more.  

Would you consider becoming a regular supporter of our #Books4Pastors project?

For example:

• sending 2 or 3 books to a pastor costs £10

• sending a small box of books to a pastor costs £25

• sending a consignment of books for a pastors’ conference costs £150.

You could become a regular donor by cheque or standing order once a quarter. Your youth group, men’s meeting or women’s fellowship could make #Books4Pastors a special fundraising project. Your Church could make #Books4Pastors part of their regular giving to mission.

You can download a standing order form here.

You can download a gift aid form here.