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How Grace Baptist Mission Works

Confident in God’s grace

At the heart of all we do is our confidence in the grace of God. We believe that mission starts in the heart of God. He foreknows, chooses and calls all who will be saved. He is the instigator of all our mission, calling people into his service, and sending them out through his church to all nations.

He sent his Son into the world to achieve redemption through his death for a vast multitude, from every nation, tribe, people and language. He sent his Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost to set us free from the slavery of sin so that we might be adopted into sonship.

These are acts of rich and free grace from a Triune God, who also provides us with all we need to continue to serve him. Our faith in God’s grace shapes all our thinking. The doctrines that flow from God’s grace are expressed more fully in our doctrinal basis.

A Church-based Mission

We believe that the local church is at the heart of God’s plan for world mission. It is in the local church that Christians are discipled, gifts are nurtured and missionaries are prepared for service. We believe that the biblical pattern is for the local church to send out their missionaries, and to support and care for them.

GBM exists to help churches to do that better, and to connect a sending church with other churches who may be needed for their missionaries to be fully supported. We advise new missionaries, and their churches, in exploring their calling, as well as helping in the process of sending and preparing them to go.

We also help them raise their financial support. We continue to partner with their church in caring for them throughout their service. Pastoral care of the missionary remains the sending church’s responsibility.

GBM belongs to local churches

By being sent out through GBM, missionaries benefit from fellowship in mission with a network of like-minded churches, who give to their support through GBM and pray for them day by day. GBM is therefore a mission agency that belongs to these churches.

Churches that support GBM financially and who are in agreement with our doctrinal basis are entitled to send delegates to our Annual Business Meeting held each October. Delegates elect a Council of up to eighteen members, of whom three can be women, plus four officers.

Council meets four times a year in full session, to decide the main business of the Mission and hear reports from the Support Ministries staff. Council also meets for a residential Conference every two to three years. Council members also meet in specialist area committees, together with some co-opted members, and an Executive Committee meets eight times a year.

If you want to explore the biblical basis of mission, you can read ‘Tell all the world’ Ed. Don Crisp and Jim Sayers. Find out more on our book page.