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GBM’s Literature Ministry was started in the early 1980s. It grew out of a request from South India for teaching aids to be produced in simplified English, which could be readily translated. Material now goes to help pastors in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

What support can we give to Pastors and Preachers?

We seek to equip pastors and teachers with helpful literature tools to support them in their Word-ministry. We concentrate on producing Preachers’ Study Papers, and on guides and lessons from Bible characters that accompany GBM Radio programmes. These are all written in easy-to-read English. We send these out to a large mailing list of regular contacts around the world. We require those who receive books from us to write back and acknowledge that they have arrived.

Preachers’ Study Papers

Preachers’ Study Papers are designed to go through a Bible book, taking a passage for each study. Each paper has an introduction to the passage, then a study verse-by-verse, a summary and an outline of a sermon that could be preached on that passage. Footnotes are used to give further explanation of a word or phrase used. Most papers have a focus section, which deals with a related subject in more depth. In the final ‘Over to you’ section, there are some application questions for the preacher and their context.

As with any book, Preachers’ Study Papers can only be an aid and do not take over from the Bible itself. They are intended to help in the study of God's Word in preparation for preaching and teaching. Our understanding of Scripture comes about by the Holy Spirit opening our eyes and working in our minds and hearts. There are no short cuts to the hard work of wrestling with God's Word.

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Find out more about the current work of the Literature ministry in the video below from our Prayer Waves series.