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The Community of the Deaf

Jean Ellis has worked among the Austrian Deaf community for nearly thirty years. Here she explains how such communities work. …

The Community of the Deaf + READ MORE

Mark Time and Amazing Acts

Partnerships are often crucial in the work of mission. In recent years, Derek French of GBM Radio has had a fruitful partnership

Mark Time and Amazing Acts + READ MORE

Go West Go North

Our two Envision summer teams this year went to Poland, to work with…

Go West Go North + READ MORE
Summer Report

Summer Report

September marks the end of what has been a busy summer for GBM staff at Mission Centre. Early August saw us gathering for our

GBM Annual Mission Day 2018

The task of mission is by no means finished. Many nations and people groups remain

GBM Annual Mission Day 2018 + READ MORE

An Audio Boot-Camp

OneHundredFold is a ministry of UFM that uses a range of media platforms to provide...

An Audio Boot-Camp + READ MORE