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Promoting Mission in your Church

How do you promote mission in your Church? GBM produces a range of resources, including our Herald magazine and our monthly Prayer Waves audio and video prayer bulletin. We have now provide a range of resources for children and young people.

Let’s Go – a new magazine for children

At our Annual Mission Day we launched a new magazine for children called Let’s Go! This replaces our TOGO magazine which had been used by some churches for many years. Our aim is to produce a magazine for primary school children that really engages them in lots of ways, and that communicates world mission to them in a vivid way. We want the children in our supporting churches to start to think about mission as soon as they start to read.

Every edition includes several features told through a series of pictures, intended for those just learning to read. There are also some more detailed features that children at Key Stage 2 can enjoy. Each edition includes a mission-related Bible story. There are several competitions to fill out and send back to us, as well as a recipe and something to make. There is also a pull-out photo to stick on your bedroom wall. The whole magazine is packed full of pictures and fascinating facts which together help children to grow in their understanding of the world.

How do you get your copy? We publish two issues a year, one for Easter and the other at our Annual Mission Day in October. Each edition is sixteen pages long. Let’s Go! is published on a subscription basis. One annual subscription costs £3 for two issues. (So, if a church orders ten copies of each edition for their children’s work, their annual subscription is £30.)

How do you promote world mission among the children in your church? You may already have an established supply of Sunday School materials that you use every week. Let’s Go! is a great addition to any church’s ministry to children.

Subscription forms can be downloaded from our website www.gbm.org.uk/letsgo. Let’s Go! is designed by Allison Hodgkiss of AH Graphic Design.

Compelled mission resources

For some time we have wanted to produce a youth resource pack that gives youth leaders everything they need for a youth evening focussed on world mission. Joe Grimwood has been working in the GBM office as our Envision Intern, and he has produced a new resource pack called Compelled which we launched at our Annual Mission Day.

The pack is centred on a Bible study on Acts 17, under the title The Unknown God. There is a leader’s guide, and eight study guides for the group to use. You also get an ‘ice-breaker’ game, prayer cards which feature a number of GBM missionaries, and a DVD of videos you may wish to use as part of the evening.

To order a pack (price £5 including postage and packing) contact GBM Mission Centre by email: [email protected]  

A Journey Across Africa – a new DVD from GBM

This is a new DVD production, featuring all our work across Africa, much of it filmed on location in South Africa, Burkina Faso and Kenya. Our radio ministry provides good Bible teaching for pastors across both English- and French-speaking Africa. Unreached people groups are being reached through Bible translation, medical ministry and livelihood projects, bringing the gospel to those who have never heard. At the same time, churches are growing fast in countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia, so training and mentoring for pastors is essential. As our work in countries across Africa continues to grow, this DVD gives you a feel for the challenges that missionaries and churches face.

A free copy was sent to all supporting churches, either in church packs at our Annual Mission Day or by post. Further copies are available from Mission Centre (price £3 including postage and packing). The DVD lasts 60 minutes, and is divided into chapters so it can be used in a succession of meetings.