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New Missionaries For Europe

In recent weeks GBM Council has approved two new missionary couples to serve in Europe. France and Latvia have both long been countries where we have helped to support missionaries over many years, and we have a deep passion for gospel work in both very different cultures.


Missionaries sent through GBM are first and foremost sent by their home church. GBM’s role is to work with that church as they decide to send their members, and having conducted our own interview process, to give a wider commendation to other churches who may want to join in supporting them.

Tom and Lucy Forryan – Paris, France

Tom has been the pastor of Derby Road Baptist Church, Watford, for nearly twenty years. Over several years he and Lucy have had a growing burden for the needs of France. Tom made a number of visits, including serving on evangelistic teams in the north of France and in Bordeaux, and describes what he found. ‘My experience of talking to French people about Christ is that they can often be more polite and more curious than Brits, if only because they have never come across the gospel before.  They might explain that they are ‘open-minded’ and ‘interested to learn about all kinds of faith’ and so would perhaps accept a New Testament or booklet to read.  They might come to a friendly evangelistic event, such as a meal, a concert or an art exhibition.  It would still be a big step from there to begin attending Sunday worship regularly - and a bigger step again to begin living under the lordship of Christ.’

Derby Road Baptist Church have agreed to send Tom and Lucy to serve in Paris from September next year, where they will commit to language study, and get involved in the life of a city centre church-plant. ‘Eglise Saint Lazare’ is a new church-planting initiative, based in the 6th Arrondissement, and is led by Etienne Koning. The plan is for Tom and Lucy to join them, at least initially, and as their French improves, to help them develop a number of evangelistic initiatives, such as a weekday lunchtime evangelistic meeting. To find out more you can read Tom and Lucy’s leaflet.

Paris is one of the most expensive places to serve in Europe, so do pray for God to provide them with affordable accommodation. They will need many churches and individuals to get behind them both financially and in dedicated prayer if this new step in their lives is going to be possible. If your church would like to support Tom and Lucy financially, we will be happy to arrange a deputation visit over the next twelve months. Please contact Jim Sayers at GBM Mission Centre, via our contact form.

Phil and Lydia Evans – Riga, Latvia

Phil and Lydia led our first Latvia Envision team in 2015, reaching out to international students as they arrived in Riga to begin university. Although they had never met before, they got on so well together that within a year, Phil and Lydia were married! They led the next team in 2016, and are leading this year’s team as well. Through this time God has convicted them about serving in Latvia long-term, working alongside Malcolm and Ruth Firth. Having started married life in Lydia’s home town of Penzance, Phil and Lydia have worked through with their church the process of preparing for mission service. Phil has done a variety of ministry in the Church, and the Church has also sent them to study at the EMF European School of Biblical Studies this year. They plan to be in Riga for a month in August/September, and to move there in January if all their support is in place.

If your church would like to support Phil and Lydia financially, we will be happy to arrange a deputation visit in the autumn. Please contact Jim Sayers at GBM Mission Centre, via our contact form.