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We hold a number of events around the country, usually on a weekday and designed to connect with church leaders.

One format is a GBM ‘Engage Forum’, where we give a presentation on a particular issue, and then take time to discuss the issue in small groups. The aim is to connect with churches, to listen to their perspective, and to let that inform the direction and work of GBM. Details of future events will be posted here when we have them.

Another format is the ‘Growing small churches’ day that we have run as part of Grace Baptist Network, aimed at helping smaller churches think about ways to help them grow. The next ‘Growing small churches’ event is at Diss Baptist Church in Norfolk on Thursday 27 April. See here for more details

In May 2017 GBM hosted an event in Abingdon called ‘Reaching Catholic Europe today: Why the reformation still matters.’ The speaker wass Leonardo de Chirico. Leonardo is pastor of Chiesa Evangelica Breccia De Roma, a church plant at the heart of the city of Rome. He lectures in Historical Theology at IFED in Padua. He is also Director of the Reformanda Initiative, a project which aims to ‘identify, equip and resource evangelical leaders to understand Roman Catholic theology and practice, to educate the evangelical Church and to communicate the gospel.’ Leonardo was also one of the speakers at our European Missionary Conference in 2016.

The recordings of the three main talks from the day can be listened to and downloaded below.

Leonardo Talk 1


Roman Catholicism for dummies: what are we talking about when we deal with Rome?