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Report: Annual Mission Day 2018

Some 700 people joined us in Solihull for our Annual Mission Day. The wonderful staff at the Renewal Centre gave us a warm welcome and worked so hard to make everything come together. Churches from as far apart as Margate and Southport, Ipswich and the Isle of Man all came together to decide the main business of the Mission in our church delegates meeting. Missionaries gave presentations on their work in a wide range of places: East Asia, the Balkans, Zambia, Poland, Brazil, and the Horn of Africa, and among Asian women work here in the UK, as well as GBM Radio’s ministry across Africa. We also had our partner mission SIM giving a presentation about their work in West Africa.

The theme of the day was Every people every nation, and the main presentation at 3:00pm explained the huge task that remains to reach unreached people groups. In East and West Africa many people groups still need the Bible translated into their heart language. In Europe, countries that were thought of as Christian are now ‘post-Christian’, and evangelical Christians are a tiny proportion of the population. Britain is close to being included in this category. Meanwhile, the 1040 window, spreading across North Africa, the Middle East and South and East Asia, is still the world’s most unevangelised area, and the home of most of the world’s other main religions. It is our prayer that churches will want to send more people into the most unreached parts of the world with the gospel. Please download and use the introductory video.

Annual Mission day is always a day to launch new resources. This year we hosted a book launch by the #TitusOneFive group, who have published Pure Church with Grace Publications, the first of a number of books that explore how we grow healthy churches.

In the final session, we said some farewells. Jonathan Bayes is leaving GBM to become a pastor in Stanton Lees, Derbyshire. Kester Putman is leaving as GBM Literature Coordinator, to work for a new ministry in training leaders in closed countries. Finally, we said farewell to Chris and Helen Hawthorne who were waiting for work permits to come through so they could fly to start their work in Zambia. (Wonderfully, their permit came through in time, and Chris, Helen and family have arrived in Zambia, as did visas for another family we were praying for on the day.) David Campbell (North Preston Evangelical Church) preached a very moving sermon on Acts 23:11, looking at the assurance the Lord gave Paul that having testified for him in Jerusalem, he would also testify in Rome. God’s plan is unassailable, even if in mission we often cannot see how it will be worked out. You can download David’s ministry here. Make a date to join us next year for Annual Mission Day on 26 October 2019 in London.