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Root Hill Youth Camp 2015

As Annual Mission Day quickly approaches, this marks the end of another summer and the passing of another Root Hill Youth Camp. For those of you who missed out here are some of the highlights.

This year on Root Hill Camp we were happy to have Steve Dennis with us for the whole week. Steve brought a unique mix of humour, challenging talks and emotional ministry as he took us through the book of 2 Peter.

His first message was about who 2 Peter was originally to and what the whole book is about and why this is relevant to us. His Second message was about how and why we need to be growing in our faith. The Third message was about how we need to be confident that Jesus will return.

His Fourth message was about the destiny of false teachers and those who have escaped the corruption of the world are once again entangled by it. How we need to take this warning to heart and seek to make our calling and election sure.

His Fifth message was about how we need to be ready for the coming of Jesus; as he will definitely come back and will come back when we do not expect. His last message was a challenge about how we are currently living and are we living in the light of Jesus’s return or not?

As well as Steve we were also joined by other speakers for our evening meetings.

On Monday, Stuart Burgess came and spoke to us about the uniqueness of man and how our very bodies themselves show us that we were made by a creator and could not have evolved. On Tuesday Andrzej Kempczynski came and spoke to us about their ongoing work in Poland and about the importance of listening to Jesus through his word so that we can understand how to live lives that show our love for him

On Wednesday David Skull came and spoke to us about Psalm 138 and our need to walk humbly before God. On Thursday Adam Laughton spoke to us about their ongoing work and then from the book of Habakkuk about “How faith can hold on in tough times”.

On Friday, Matt Gamston who was our main speaker last year, returned for our Friday evening session to speak from the book of Mark about what it means for Jesus to be the Christ and what it means for us to follow the Christ. It will cost us to follow Jesus, but that is fine, because that is what Jesus said would happen.

As well as the ministry, our week was filled with a lot of rain and therefore a lot of chatting, but we were still able to go for our annual walk up Box Hill and trips out for Laser-questing in Horsham and Bowling in Crawley. We were also once again blessed with wonderful cooks who kept us well fed throughout the entire week.

All the recordings from this year’s Root Hill Camp can be found on our Summer Holidays page.