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As a direct result of letters received from pastors who were listening to the Sound Words Bible teaching programme, a burden grew to do something to help those in local churches with leadership responsibilities. The first programme was aired in September 2002.

The Programme’s Aim

The main aim of the programme is to help pastors and church leaders to think biblically and to preach the message of the Bible with greater clarity. In addition to studies that lead directly to sermons, Serving Today has also dealt with a number of doctrinal subjects as well as issues of a pastoral and leadership nature.

A Typical Programme

Usually each series of programmes looks at two different topics, for example a survey of a book of the Bible and a preaching related subject. Sometimes a whole programme is devoted to one subject; such as the major series on HIV/AIDS and how the local church should respond to this pandemic.


The contributors to Serving Today have all been in the Lord’s service and are therefore well qualified to understand and speak on issues facing pastors and church leaders today.

Response From Listeners

What is most encouraging is hearing about how the programmes have helped men improve their preaching and thus make themselves more useful servants of their churches. It is also a privilege to support pastors who share pastoral problems with us, helping them to address these issues from a biblical perspective.

Pastors and church leaders who contact us can be supplied with booklets and audio resources based on Serving Today programmes. These are offered free to pastors and church leaders around the world who have little access to Bible-based resources.

Correspondence Course

 A three part correspondence course on ‘The Character of God’ is available for anyone wanting to develop a biblical understanding of this doctrine. Click here to receive a copy.

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