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Mission often takes us to hard places, where there is strong resistance to the gospel. This may be because people follow another religion, or the government oppresses churches, or because peoples’ lives are ruined by poverty and addiction. In such situations the need for prayer is urgent. So we invite you to join us in our week of prayer, from Sunday 12 to Sunday 19 June, in the hope that churches across Britain and beyond will be united in prayer for the most difficult parts of our work. It is so true that ‘you help us by your prayers’ (2 Cor. 1:11), and we see our week of prayer as a time to connect with God’s work in these places, asking him to intervene and storm strongholds by the power of his Holy Spirit.


We have prepared a DVD of four videos to be used in a church service or prayer meeting to lead into a time of prayer. The DVD runs as one presentation, or as 9 individual videos (including an introduction), and HD versions of each video file are also included on the DVD if you want to save them to a laptop and play in high quality.

This DVD is being sent to all our supporting churches, and further copies are available from GBM Mission Centre. For security reasons, because a number of workers serve in situations where their identity cannot be disclosed, we are not placing these videos on our website. We also ask you not to upload any videos to your church website or Facebook Page.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.