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Since the 1970s GBM has had a focus that includes work here in the U.K. We have been involved in a church-planting project in the Isle of Man, and churches have been planted successfully in Bury in Lancashire, and in Ulverston in Cumbria.

The huge population migrations of the last twenty years and more have radically changed British society. Large parts of cities and some towns now have a stronger Muslim or Hindu presence than they have gospel churches. We are keen to encourage church-planting across the U.K., and to help churches reach out to ethnic communities in their area. GBM is part of Grace Baptist Network, a network of Grace Baptist organisations that seeks to promote evangelism and church planting projects and engage in strategic discussions about future church planting projects.  


United Kingdom

Population: 63,742,977

Median age: 40.4 years

Language: English, Welsh, Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Cornish.

Adult literacy: 99%

GDP per capita: $37,300

(Country comparison to

the world - 34 out of 229)

Evangelicals: 8.8%  

Country Facts               

Country Information and Images from CIA World Factbook

If you would like to receive prayer letters from our missionaries serving in the UK, please contact GBM Mission Centre.