Grace Baptist Mission is a church-based mission, helping Grace Baptist churches to support and care for their missionaries worldwide.

We are based in the United Kingdom, with our Mission Centre in Abingdon, and we work with local churches to support their missionaries in more than a dozen countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

We also have a radio ministry producing Bible-teaching programmes for listeners in both English and French, based in our radio studios in Abingdon and broadcast over numerous Christian radio stations worldwide.

What we do

We are deeply committed to evangelism and church-planting as the heart of mission. New churches are being planted by our missionaries in Peru, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Madeira and the Philippines, and we are helping national Christians to plant and grow indigenous churches across the world.

Other missionaries are working to evangelise the homeless in Manila, students in France, Latvia and Asia, and Asian women in Britain. We are also involved in training leaders, in formal theological training in seminaries and in courses run by local churches.

Where we are involved in compassion ministries, our aim is always to make the gospel bring change to every aspect of people’s lives.

Church-based mission

Because we are a church-based mission, we belong to a group of like-minded churches, most of which are in the UK. These churches determine the direction of our work, elect our Mission Council, and are firmly committed to supporting their missionaries together as a family of local churches. The missionaries value the benefits of being supported not only by individuals but by a network of mission-minded churches.