The mission of God’s grace

World mission begins in the heart of God. God is a gracious God, extending his favour to us as his enemies, choosing a vast multitude from all nations whom he will save. He gives each of them to his Son as their Redeemer, and the Father and the Son send the Holy Spirit into the world to bring people to spiritual birth and to equip his church for the mission of God. Mission is the work of the triune God.

This means that at the heart of all we do is our confidence in the grace of God. God graciously supplies us with all we need to continue to serve him. Our faith in God’s grace shapes all our thinking. The doctrines that flow from God’s grace are expressed more fully in our doctrinal basis.

A Church-based Mission

We believe that the local church is at the heart of God’s plan for world mission. It is in the local church that Christians are discipled, gifts are nurtured and missionaries are prepared for service. We believe that the biblical pattern is for the local church to send out their missionaries, and to support and care for them.

GBM exists to help churches support their missionaries worldwide. We work with the local church in the whole process of preparing and sending, connecting them with a wide family of supporting churches, both for prayer and financial support. We continue to partner with the sending church in caring for their missionaries throughout their service.

GBM belongs to local churches

GBM is a mission agency that belongs to a network of like-minded churches across the UK and beyond. We belong to a group of member churches, that is, churches that support us financially and who are in agreement with our doctrinal basis. Member churches send delegates to our AGM held each October at our Annual Mission Day. Delegates elect GBM Council, and approve the annual report, accounts and budget.

Members of GBM Council are the trustees of GBM CIO, consisting of four officers and up to nineteen trustees, of whom four are women. They meet four times a year, and a smaller Executive Committee meets a further four times, as do a number of smaller committees.