GBM Radio Appeal

GBM’s radio ministry reaches beyond the big cities of the Developing World, using radio as a means of providing good Bible teaching every week to Christians in rural communities, often among those with lower levels of literacy. Good radio Bible teaching is a huge help to pastors with very few printed resources to help them in their preaching, and many of them live in an oral culture where listening to good audio is more instinctive than reading. Our programmes are broadcast by TWR Africa, and on networks of local FM radio stations across East and West Africa. We also send CDs of series to many pastors we know, who listen to them in groups, and increasing numbers also receive programmes by email. New technologies also mean that they can download our programmes from the web, and circulate them on WhatsApp. GBM radio programmes have an ever-increasing reach.  

Impact on the ground

Patrick Mateketa is a pastor who receives Serving Today resources in Malawi. ‘I do village ministry. Visiting pastors who are under-literate and have done no proper Bible school and leadership seminars or have no leadership skills except that they are divinely called. I take whatever course I attended and bring it to them. I share what I received with them on a monthly basis. I share through WhatsApp to my friends. I translate every message into our local language. Most pastors in the villages are not educated or they don’t understand English.’

Another pastor who listens to Serving Today is Patrick Sikwela in Zambia. He writes, ‘Serving Today is a wonderful and timely resource for the leaders today to listen to because not many have the privilege of getting solid Bible teaching such as these…Please do not give up this good movement because these teaching will produce preachers faithful to the text in our generation.’  

In West Africa, our French programme, Espérance Aujourd’hui, is heard by Christians in some of the most troubled parts of the French-speaking world, such as Mali and the D.R.C. Programmes deal with biblical themes relevant to the issues they face, whether it be the threat of violence, or the problem of prosperity theology. Pascal is a pastor in Cameroon who uses our programmes and booklets. He writes,  “A pastor who preached the ‘prosperity gospel’ has had his life completely transformed after reading a booklet I gave him: ‘Bénédictions dans les Psaumes’ (Blessings in the Psalms). He now preaches the true gospel to his church, but as a consequence, his organization is threatening to expel him. I also gave him a Bible and we meet once to twice a week to pray and study the Bible together. ”

Funding GBM Radio

Funding GBM Radio is always a challenge, and this year we are launching an appeal to help fund GBM Radio. Do you want to invest in the preaching ministry of pastors on the front line? Your support helps us sustain a ministry that blesses so many churches across rural Africa.

We are keen to see both individuals and churches committing to support GBM Radio on an ongoing basis. There are many ways in which you can do this. You can set up a regular standing order with your bank. If your church already gives to GBM you can designate additional giving to GBM Radio as part of what you regularly send us. You can set up a regular payment via Paypal using your credit/debit card by following the link below and clicking the box “make this a monthly donation”.

If you are a tax payer you can, at no extra cost to you, increase any gift you make by 25%. Simply complete and send us a Gift Aid Form or you can fill out an online version.

If you would like to receive our monthly prayer update ‘Radio Team Prayer News’ then you can sign-up online.

Disclaimer: Our trustees reserve the right to reallocate surplus designated giving to other areas of our work.