Andrew Cook – Serving Today

Andrew has been with the GBM radio team since 2004. His main interest is producing audio material that applies biblical truth to contemporary issues. He oversees production of Serving Today, the programme for pastors and church leaders.

Ian Flanders – Espérance Aujourd’hui

Ian produces the French speaking radio programme Espérance Aujourd’hui and regularly contributes material to Serving Today. Before joining the radio team in 2003 he had spent fourteen years in mission work in France, much of that time working in a multi-ethnic context.

Derek French – Serving Today

Having served at GBM since 1992, Derek French has now retired but continues to support production of Serving Today programmes.

Hélène Flanders – Espérance Aujourd’hui

Hélène provides secretarial support for Ian Flanders and co-presents Espérance Aujourd’hui. She also adapts the scripts from the programmes into booklet form and oversees their printing and distribution. She grew up in the south of France where she met Ian, marrying him in 1995.

Marea Cook – Serving Today

Marea joined the radio team in November 2011 as admin assistant. Her main responsibilities are preparing radio programmes ready for dispatch to radio stations, production of booklets to accompany programmes, and other secretarial duties.