Sound Words

Sound Words ceased production in 2012, although it is still airing on some radio stations.

The Programme’s Aim

There is a great need for basic Bible teaching around the world to address the lack of understanding of the doctrines of God and his grace. The main aim of Sound Words is to provide basic Bible teaching that will strengthen and support believers, and touch the hearts of non-Christian listeners.

A Typical Programme

Radio is a one-to-one medium so we use a conversational style of Bible teaching. We tried to anticipate the kind of questions a listener might want to ask. Programmes were also devoted to answering listeners’ questions, and believers’ testimonies were used to illustrate the teaching given. These show listeners the relevance of the Word of God and that Christ is the true Saviour.


A number of experienced pastors and elders have contributed to the programme. Most of these are from churches in the UK, but we have also had help from others overseas.

Response From Listeners

Letters from listeners show us how the Lord has been using the programme.  Sometimes there is a simple request for literature or a Bible. One lady wrote to ask, ‘Who is Jesus? What can you tell me about him?’ Another listener wrote to say he was the only Christian on his island.

Some share their trials and seek help with their difficulties. Others tells us how they have come to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour and are now enjoying his forgiveness and daily help.

Correspondence Course

A three part correspondence course on ‘The Character of God’ is available for anyone wanting to develop a biblical understanding of this doctrine. Click here to receive a copy.

Radio Search

You can search the  back catalogue of radio programmes to find audio, booklets or transcripts that maybe useful to you by going to our Radio Search page.