Supporting Missionaries

When a church approaches GBM for help with sending out a missionary, one of the questions must obviously be ‘How much will it cost?’ The answer can be daunting – because as well as personal allowance there may be the costs of accommodation, travel, health insurance and administration to be taken into account. A budget will be agreed for the project and each year it must be reviewed.

The next question has to be ‘Where will the money come from?’ Clearly one way in which the sending church will demonstrate their commitment to a project will be by contributing to the cost. But few, if any, churches can meet the whole amount needed and they will seek the help of churches or individuals with whom they have close contact. Ideally each missionary should be fully supported by the gifts of interested churches.

Missionaries should receive enough support to meet their basic needs and to be free from undue anxiety about money.

GBM produce a scale of allowances, and generally these are used to set the level of allowances for all workers supported from GBM funds.

The cost of living varies from country to country, and so the salary scale is adjusted to take account of these differences so that, as far as possible, all workers can have a similar standard of living.

Funds are sent regularly to the missionaries, usually on behalf of the sending churches. It is our practice to send, in faith, the full amount required even if we cannot always see where the money will come from.

Designated Giving

GBM exists to help local churches but it is ultimately the churches that are responsible for the care of their missionaries.

Part of a church’s commitment is the provision of financial support by way of ‘designated’ gifts which are normally channelled through the Mission office.

Individuals may also give to help achieve this support. Our objective is that each missionary is fully supported by the gifts of interested churches and individuals.

GBM CIO Trustees do, however, reserve the right to use donations for general charitable purposes of the organisation should the need arise.