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SEND – World mission begins in your church

The biblical pattern for world mission always begins with local churches sending out their best to reach the nations for Christ. As the gospel spreads out into the world, it also ripples back to change and shape the churches that send or support the work of mission.

Because at GBM we believe so passionately that the local church is at the heart of world mission, we have created this short course to help you and your church to think about your place in the work of world mission. Lots of churches are focused on their mission to their local community. How does that connect with what is happening in other cultures? What can we learn from those serving across the world?

Maybe you are thinking of sending someone out into cross-cultural mission for the first time. Maybe you have no one to send, but you want to get your church thinking about world mission and supporting other churches who are sending someone. Either way, you want creative ideas about how to make support and prayer for world mission a feature of your church life together. Whatever your situation you will find this course has real value.  

This three-part course explores the following:

  • From Jerusalem to the world… and back
  • Sending into mission
  • World mission and your church

As well as a video for each section there is a study guide that accompanies the course. The study guide helps you to think through what the Bible has to say about the work of world mission, what your church should look for in a potential missionary and how you can best support your missionaries, and how every church has a part to play in world mission.